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Article: Labrador Tea Sangria with Beet & Poppy

Sangria au thé du Labrador avec betterave & coquelicot

Labrador Tea Sangria with Beet & Poppy

It’s time to cool off with a Labrador tea sangria!

Sometimes you have to put some tea in your wine

This is our way of achieving a festive and revisited Labrador tea sangria! Our infusions are designed to adapt to your changing lifestyle and create opportunities to find oneself. This sangria of Labrador tea with Beet & Poppy infusion  is an opportunity to break the routine and dare to rediscover your favourite rosé in a new way.



1 bottle of rosé wine (750 ml)

500 ml Labrador tea infusion Beet & Poppy 

1 cup frozen wild berries

1 pressed lemon

12 mint leaves

1 cup of sparkling water

Ice cubes

* Makes 6 servings of sangria, 1.5 L

Sangria avec Betterave et coquelicot


1. Prepare the Beetroot & Poppy infusion in a separate container than the pitcher. Heat 500 ml of water between 90 and 95 degrees °C, add 4 tsp. of mix in the brewer and let stand for 10 minutes.

2. Take the 12 mint leaves and tap them in the palm of your hand so that they can better diffuse their aromas.

3.  Add to the pitcher the mint, the rosé, the frozen berries and the squeezed lemon juice.

4. Once the infusion time is over, add the herbal tea to the pitcher, the sparkling water, fill with ice and mix with a spoon.

Serve the sangria on ice if desired!

Relax with your Labrador Tea Sangria

The infusion replacing the juice normally used, ensures that the only sugar in this recipe is naturally in the wild berries as well as in the beet. Therefore, you can enjoy a very tasty cocktail while having fewer calories. Great to refresh yourself on hot summer days or during your classic girls’ night.

To get the Beet & Poppy infusion click here.

* Make 2 recipes, as the pitcher may end soon enough!


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Merci un bon cocktail pour les journées ensoleillées

Carole Sigouin

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