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About Floèm

Floèm is a Quebec company whose mission is to discover the incredible richness of the ingredients of the boreal flora. Its infusions made from hand-picked Labrador leaves offer unique amalgams highlighting the aromatics growing freely on our territory.


Our ingredients and aromatics grow freely under a boreal sky. They dot the wild territories and inspire the naturalness of the great outdoors. Our pickers, fine connoisseurs, harvest these raw and precious raw materials by hand. We create daring blends to discover the richness of flavors coming from nature. Our aromatic marriages are made of sublime, astonishing contrasts. Our infusions are an ode to the poetic beauty of boreal flora.

The founders

Roxane Valiquette

Co-founder and president of her company, she brilliantly manages the different departments and aspects of production, ranging from the R&D of infusions and aromatics to food safety and sanitation. An accomplished and versatile leader, her specialized training and diverse experience make her a professional in taste, management and innovation.

Frédéric Verville

Co-owner and technological driving force of Floèm, he expertly manages areas as varied as accounting, customer service, and technology. His skills in infographics and data analysis reinforce his versatility. At the same time, as a supply manager within the Canadian Armed Forces, he masters complex logistics and team management in a demanding environment. His training and diverse experience make him an accomplished professional in management, technology, and customer service.

Awards & distinctions

  • 2019: Surfers d'Or Vague Gastronomique - Wave of competitions, Quebec creators
  • 2021: Winner of honorary scholarships from the MEI (Ministry of the Economy and Innovation)
  • 2021: Switch to the show Dans l’oeil du Dragon
    2021: DUX Prize, Better Eat Better Live
  • 2022: OQLF certification (Office québécois de la langue française)
  • 2022: Switch to the show in the eye of the Dragon - Dragon Effect
  • 2022: Adopted by Adopte inc. among 800 applications
  • 2023: Finalist Hop! Recognition Prize The Retail Summit: Promoting local purchasing
  • 2023: Prince's Trust Canada Veteran Entrepreneur of the year, CANIE Award
  • 2023: Finalist The DUX Match
  • 2023: Inno-centre Improved Productivity Prize, CTAQ Food Innovation Prize
  • 2023: Finalist, Customer Service Excellence - Canadian SME National Business Awards
  • 2024: Dux Prize: Public Favorite
  • 2024: Selected for a Trade Mission to Toronto
  • 2024: Winner of the OSEntreprendre Challenge: Doing business together


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