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Corporate gift

Offer the best!

Original attention

Thank your teams, customers and collaborators with our lovingly wrapped gifts! Everyone will appreciate receiving this little attention, will feel appreciated.

A unique gift

Carefully packaged, they are ready to give away! These boxes allow you to learn more about the riches of Quebec's terroir.

Offer that stands out

Welcome your customers warmly with our premium herbal teas.

For your employees

Allow your employees to enjoy a boreal infusion during their break at work.

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Unique and memorable

Special corporate gift

Nordic herbal teas from Canada make unique and memorable corporate gifts. Their local origin, their exceptional quality and their distinctive flavors make them gifts that stand out.


Nothing comparable

Unique corporate gift

By offering Nordic herbal teas from Canada, you show your appreciation while providing an authentic sensory experience that evokes the spirit of the country.

Carefully packaged, these teas are ready to be given! These boxes allow you to learn more about the riches of the Quebec region.


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Contact us to find out how to present Canada's Nordic herbal teas as corporate gifts, creative packaging ideas and tips for personalizing your gifts based on individual preferences.

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Impress your customers

An offer that stands out

Nordic herbal teas from Canada add a touch of Canadian authenticity to your corporate gifts. They highlight the country's natural riches and allow your business partners to discover the unique flavors of Canadian nature.

By choosing gifts that celebrate the treasures of Canadian land, you create strong and memorable bonds with your customers, employees and collaborators.


They trust us

They entrusted their corporate gifts to Floèm