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Article: New Earth, the Richness of the Terroir

Nouvelle terre, la richesse du terroir

New Earth, the Richness of the Terroir

The word “pilki” means new earth in the Abenaki language, an indigenous dialect that is in danger of disappearing. This name represents the vision that we bear and what we aspire towards nature.

A Gastronomic Impact

We enjoy travelling, because it allows us to discover beautiful landscapes, a world different from our daily routine, but also new ways of doing, living and thinking. Moreover, we can quickly perceive these changes by entering a typically local restaurant. Whether by reading the menu or watching the dishes ordered from customers around. Vegetables that you have never been seen, spices with all kinds of colours and shapes that have something to arouse our curiosity! In fact, we do not have to go far to discover new ingredients. Indeed, the boreal forest and the meadows are full of edible products. But has been gradually set aside : a new earth to discover!
Théière et pimbina

Reconnect With the Culinary Art of the Past

Actually, when discussing of highbush cranberries with people during events, we rarely meet someone who knows this red berry growing in trees. And even fewer people that already tasted it! Almost every time, those who have heard of it report that their grandparents have already made jelly with these fruits. Unfortunately, some parts of gastronomy are not perpetuated in later generations and knowledge gradually fades.

It may be easy to believe that we are familiar with “the flavours from here.” This is especially true for more general foods like apples, blueberries, cranberries, maple syrup, and so on. But what about the other non-timber forest products? NWFPs is a small nickname given to them to represent resources from the forest.

Many of these are found in traditional Aboriginal medicine to cure and prevent many health problems. First Nations are the pros of the well-kept secrets of these remedies, since they have been using them for thousands of years, transmitting this knowledge by oral tradition. They discovered the properties of plants well before the founding of Canada’s cities and Labrador tea, which is at the heart of their culture, is crucial to protect.

Pimbina séché vrac

Actors of Ecological Change

It is no longer hidden from us, the flora and fauna suffer enormously from the pollution caused by humans. Restructuring is required regarding greenhouse gas emissions and in particular single-use plastic packaging. They are found everywhere in nature that nourishes us and where we like to recharge our batteries. More and more consumers are ready for a responsible transition. It goes without saying that companies must respond to this request, collaborate and put in place the ways to get there.

For example, sorting centres have almost no purchase request for the paper they recycle so they must store it or often it gets buried. What if all the paper used by businesses was recycled as an obligation? It would represent a phenomenal amount! This seemingly simple gesture requires a lot of logistics, time, thought and reorganizations for companies, but it can be done.

This is just one of the many changes to make and many more are achievable: as long as you want to change! It is clear that PilKi’s vision goes in this direction, that it is essential to reinvent the wheel. We want to become leaders who take their responsibilities seriously and who rethink every detail to be able to optimize it.

Tisane en vrac

A New Earth

In short, the vision is to have a new earth in both sides. Rediscover the richness of the terroir and accelerate the positive impacts on the ecology in a sustainable way. First, put these ingredients at the reach of the citizens, so they can be accessible on a daily basis. This allows you to explore the different flavours, reintegrate the knowledge, then start picking and cultivating it again.

When it comes to caring for the environment, each person speaks through their actions. Some says that words speak, yes but also our lifestyles and decisions reveal whether we act according to our own values. There is a possible set of conservation actions to spread the changes to impact well nature.


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