Our mission is simple:
to discover the richness of Quebec's terroir!


Inspired by the poetic beauty of the boreal flora, it is through Floèm that we continue our journey with you. This new identity deeply reflects our mission to discover the incredible richness of the ingredients of Quebec's boreal flora.

We want to highlight the French language by merging the words “flore” and “poème”. The same quality infusions you know will be available in new packaging in the fall. Stay tuned!


Our fragrant herbs and ingredients grow freely under the boreal sky. They are found throughout the wild and evoke the natural essence of wide spaces. Our gatherers are true connoisseurs, harvesting this precious raw material by hand. We create daring, unexpected combinations to bring you the richest tastes of nature. Our aromatic blends contain sublime contrasts and stunning complements. Our infusions are an ode to the poetic beauty of boreal flora. We are floèm.


It was by picking Labrador tea in the boreal forest that we realized the importance of introducing the flavors and benefits of Labrador tea to Quebecers, as well as to the whole world. Loving change, we had the desire to solve a problem: the lack of diversity in herbal teas made from this plant. Make available varieties that meet people's different tastes, where they are each satisfied in their own way. It's an exciting challenge to create flavors galore, while showcasing other little-known ingredients that will make them unique!


The environment is one of our core values, it is important to us to take care of nature with the utmost respect. It is very important to put in place innovative practices that promote both the protection of the environment and the restoration of the damage caused to it. Oh how nice it would be to be able to leave a healthy earth to future generations with vast biodiversity. We hope they can marvel at it as much as we have experienced.