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Article: How to Make Labrador Tea Infusion?

Comment préparer le thé du Labrador?

How to Make Labrador Tea Infusion?

The method for brewing Labrador tea is not the same as well known tea leaves.

How to Make Labrador Tea Infusion?

Also known as swamp tea or Hudson’s Bay tea, the leaves of this shrub are very appreciated for the herbal decoction made out of it. Its flavour is a mix of delicate floral expression and light fir notes. Far before the Asian tea arrived in America, Labrador tea was used by the first nations in their medicine, they were drinking it as a cure. But how to make Labrador tea infusion? 

1. Warm up your cup

2. Use distilled water

3. Heat the water at 90 ° C 

4. Put 2 teaspoons of your favorite Labrador tea blend

5. Schedule the timer for 10 minutes and let soak the infusion


By doing these steps, you get a better flavour and create a unique ritual for your tasting. There is sometimes as much pleasure to prepare things as to consume them!


How to Infuse Labrador Tea the Right Way?

It is true that you can simply boil water and add the Labrador tea leaves to make an herbal tea. However, if you want to bring out the best of this plant and have an exceptional taste experience, there are small details to adjust that can make a big difference.

Always use pure water!

It is better to use filtered, distilled or well water for infusions to be sure it is pure. Indeed, tap water is often treated with chlorine which alters the flavour.

What should be the temperature of the water?

We recommend not to reach the boiling point when you make Labrador tea. If possible, bring the water temperature between 90 and 95 degrees Celsius, just before the bubbles appear. If the water boils by mistake, don’t panic, just let it sit for a few minutes before pouring it into the cup or teapot. Too much heat slightly degrades the leaf, which weakens the aromas and decreases the properties it has on health.

Which Quantity to Brew?

As a general rule, put 2 teaspoons or a few whole leaves per cup of water (250 ml). Adjust if you like your beverage weaker or stronger. There is no good or wrong quantity, as you will have a few cups you will begin to know how you like it better and adjust to your taste buds.

Thé du Labrador en infusion

What is the Infusion Time?

Labrador tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum) is a different species from the widely known tea, harvested from the tea tree (Camellia sinensis). They must be prepared differently! For example, black tea should soak only 2 to 3 minutes because if it stays longer the decoction becomes bitter. In contrast, Labrador tea requires more time to release its finesse flavour and would have a weak taste after only 3 minutes. We advise you to let it macerate about 10 minutes, until about twenty minutes if one likes the infusion more raised.


Quality of the ingredients

To keep the ingredients fresh, store your Labrador tea blends in a dry place, protected from light and avoid exposure to heat. It is also essential to pour the products into hermetic containers if they are in bulk format, either in pots of glass or metal, for example masson jars. Otherwise, our PilKi cans have an aluminum film already integrated into the container to prevent the aroma from escaping.


Try our Labrador Tea Blends

If you’ve never tasted Labrador tea, this is a good time to get started! Our infusions are all based on this wonderful plant that we harvest in Québec, a jewel for health. Its followers quickly fall in love with him and don’t want anymore to live without it. Watch out… we will have warned you!


mon fils l,a cueilli lui même à Yellowknife ,et m,en a fait cadeau délicieux.j’ai lu que c’était bien de frotter les feuilles dans les mains pour plus de saveur

louise legault

Heureux d’avoir dégusté vos produits. Camomille, menthe ou verveine, on s’en lasse à la longue. Vraiment un beau produit de chez nous en plus que je recommande à tous.


Just enjoyed my first cup of your tea. Thank you. Lovely.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon different Labrador tea brewing instructions, like boiling the leaves twice, and wonder if there’s something particular about your harvest that makes it unnecessary to do so?


Très intéressant…Beau rituel que je vais faire, histoire d’impressionner les amies!😊


Thank you for the very useful tips on how to prepare Labrador Tea.
I rushed making my first cup, but will carefully follow your valuable advice for my next one.
Even though I rushed making it the first time, it was delicious. I’m sure the following cups will be much better now that I know the proper way to make it.

John Smythe

J’ai récolté ce thé au Mont Vallin. Il était même abondant.
En passant, au même endroit, j’ai observé pendant quelques minutes un carcajou.
Ça console d’une chasse infructueuse.
Bonne journée


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