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Forget regular teas. Your customers deserve the best!

Stand out with Floèm: exceptional ingredients for a unique experience


Our mission: to make the riches of Quebec flora accessible

Why become a Floèm partner?

The authenticity of Quebec forests

A wide range of infusions for all tastes and occasions

Floèm herbal teas are assembled and packaged in ready-to-sell resealable pouches, which preserve the freshness of the products.

In order to satisfy all desires and tasting methods, Floèm offers its herbal teas in a variety of packaging:

Infusions in bags

Easy to use and allowing for better diffusion of flavors, they are also ideal for gifts.

Bulk infusions

Suitable for discerning customers looking for an optimal taste experience. It is the best option for an ecological choice and responsible consumption.

Nature at your fingertips

Exceptional ingredients and aromatics

Our ingredients grow freely under a boreal sky. Each ingredient is harvested by hand by experts, respecting seasonality and responsible harvesting.

To savor in cooking as refined spices or in comforting herbal teas, all our ingredients are packaged in ready-to-sell resealable pouches , which preserve the freshness of the products.


You are not alone!

Floèm, a reliable and committed partner at your side.

More than 300 points of sale already trust Floèm and share our vision of offering a unique and authentic experience through herbal teas and aromatics from our region.

Our teams support you by providing you with our resources and know-how to ensure the success of Floèm products on your shelves.


They trust us and we thank them!

Floèm partners