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Article: Apple & clementine cocktail: a must this summer

Le cocktail Pomme & clémentine sur un comptoir de cuisine.

Apple & clementine cocktail: a must this summer

This Super Refreshing Apple & Clementine Cocktail Never Fails to Impress

Perfect balance between fruitiness, acidity and sweetness. This drink will be your ally to cool off in the summer. It contains simple ingredients within everyone's reach, which makes it very convenient to prepare. This cocktail has a flavour rich in complexity, thanks to the Apple & Meadowsweet infusion enhanced with its 9 spices! Plus, fresh clementines are an excellent source of vitamin C.


Makes 2 glasses

Le cocktail Pomme & clémentine, décoré d'une carambole, sur un comptoir de cuisine.



  • 4 tsp. of Apple and Meadowsweet infusion
  • 2 oz of El Jimador tequila
  • 3 clementines (1 to decorate)
  • 1-2 tsp. of honey syrup
  • Ice cubes*

*Substitute tequila for dark rum if you prefer!


  • 1 clementine, sliced
  • 1 carambola, sliced
  • 1 tbsp. coarse sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp. apple & medowsweet infusion 
Étapes détaillées de la recette de cocktail pomme & clémentine.

1.  Prepare the Apple and Meadowsweet Infusion in a separate container.

Heat 250 ml of water between 90 and 95 degrees °C, then pour it into the container. Add the honey, as well as 4 tbs. of mixture into the infuser and let sit for 10 minutes.


2. While the herbal tea is infusing, get the toppings ready 

Fruits: cut into slices one clementine and one star fruit. Make a cut on each slice.

Salt: Place the salt in a small plate. Collect about 1/2 tsp. of the "powdery" part of the Apple & Queen mixture (surplus spices and concentrated grass powder). Add it to the salt and mix well.

Assembly: Take a slice of clementine (less aesthetic ends) and rub it on the rim of the glasses. Induce generously and evenly so that the salt sticks well. Turn the glass in the salt, so that the wet edge is in contact with the salt and adheres to the glass.


3. Mix it all up!

Slice in half the remaining clementines, squeeze the juice out of it and pour it into the infusion's container. Pour the tequila and mix well. Fill glasses halfway with ice cubes. Pour the mixture slowly into the glasses garnished with the salt mixture.


4. Decoration

Decorate the glasses with the slices of clementines and star fruit. And there you go!


Aie, aie, aie!

Be careful, this cocktail is so good that you will have finished your drink in record time! It is possible to multiply the recipe by 3 to obtain a 1.5 L pitcher, ideal for sharing with friends.

Click here to get the Apple & Meadowsweet mix.



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