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Article: PilKi becomes Floèm

Fleurs de thé du Labrador après la pluie.

PilKi becomes Floèm

Created with the ambition of promoting Labrador tea and local Quebec ingredients, PilKi has experienced marked growth in a niche category. With the ambition to multiply its points of sale, the company questioned the ability of its brand to tell the right story.

To perform well, PilKi wins by highlighting its differentiating aspect: carefully chosen local ingredients and new and intriguing tastes that invite discovery. The name change was quickly imposed in the process. PilKi contributes little to the story, we sought and created a meaningful name that would bring value.

Inspired by the poetic beauty of the boreal flora, it is through Floèm that the adventure continues. Thus rooted in its new brand promise, Floèm invites the consumer to transport themselves to nature and explore its rich flavors.

Labrador tea flower in the forest.

Meaning of Floem

This new identity deeply reflects our mission to discover the richness of the aromatics of Quebec's boreal flora in its elegance and poetic beauty. Floèm is a word resulting from the fusion of the words "flora" and "poem" (Flo-èm). We are proud to use words from the French and English language to promote our new brand image.

“Phloem” is also a botanical term. It is a vascular tissue essential to the nutrition of plants, allowing their energy supply. A nod to our passion for flora.

We find the sound and the effect evoked by “Flo” interesting. Reminiscent of the movement of water, relaxation, the experience of the senses and letting yourself be carried away by the waves. It flows.

Aronia & alder herbal tea bag.

 The “why” of change


Our mission remains the same: to make the richness of Quebec's flora accessible. This new name and logo is directly aligned with our vision and better represents our identity. Highlighting the poetic beauty of the boreal flora is the very essence of our deep aspirations, our raison d'être and represents our values.


We took advantage of this moment of transition to review our visual, to energize the world of infusions by bringing color, texture and variety. We offer the same recipes you love, with an optimized visual. We are in love with our new packaging , it makes you want to collect them!

Four bags containing the herbs: dune pepper, fir, Labrador tea and wintergreen. Strategy

Our expansion has motivated us to rethink our brand in order to be distributed more widely, in a context where it is more important than ever to stand out on store shelves and attract the eye. We're taking a more upscale tangent to better represent the incredible, rare and unique products of boreal flora. 
  • We now offer 4 flavors in “tea bag” style bags for ease of use.
  • Our bulk infusions are always available in recyclable resealable bags. We have increased their quantity (grammage) to allow you to make 15-20 cups per bag!
  • 4 herbs now available at points of sale : wintergreen, balsam fir, Labrador tea and dune pepper.

In sum

This is an important and exciting milestone in the company's history. We hope you will like these improvements as much as we do and understand this strategic choice.

Roxane & Frédéric, co-founders


To discover the new products, click here.


Au début je me disais, mais pilki pourquoiiiii?
Après lecture, effectivement c’est cohérent et plus évident, j’aime Floèm! Bravo


Très beau nom.
Magnifiques produits et magnifiques emballages.
J’adore vos produits et j’ai bien hâte de goûter vos nouveaux produits.

Belle continuité et surtout continuez de nous étonner 💝

Louise Prévost

Floèm / Démarche sensible, intelligente, à la hauteur des produits que vous offrez –
Première dégustation: Rose-Camomille – un petit nuage parfumé !
Au plaisir et bravo à vous deux.


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