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Article: Gin and Aronia Berries: a Boreal Cocktail

Un cocktail au thé du Labrador: gin et aronia

Gin and Aronia Berries: a Boreal Cocktail

Let yourself be tempted by the most unusual boreal cocktail of flavors, thanks to Aronia and gin!

For a long time, gin has been associated with a strong taste due to juniper. This literally merges with the aromas of our Aronia & alder forest infusion with Labrador tea. Indeed, distilleries are finding more and more pleasure in adding variations in order to assign their own color. So, there are now some for all palates!

Among these, the wild Cirka gin particularly caught our attention because of its sweetness and complexity of boreal flavors. Here is a very light recipe that will certainly brighten up your aperitifs!




  • 1 cup of wild Cirka gin
  • 250 ml of Aronia & alder Labrador tea infusion
  • 2 cups of Montellier sparkling lime water
  • Files (2), one pressed and the second to decorate
  • 2 tbsp. maple syrup
  • 6 sprigs of rosemary
  • Ice cubes

    * Makes 6 servings, 1.5 L


Gin aronia


  1. Prepare the Aronia & alder infusion in a separate container. Heat 250 ml of water between 90 and 95 degrees ° C, add 4 tbsp. of the mixture in the infuser and let stand 10 minutes.


  2. Next, in the pitcher, stir in the gin, pressed lime, maple syrup, and Montellier sparkling water.


  3. Add the herbal tea, fill the pitcher with ice cubes, then mix the cocktail well.


  4. Decorate the glasses with a lime wedge and a sprig of rosemary.


  5. Finally, taste this local wonder!


Gin aronia aulne

Gin and chokeberry for a 100% Quebec cocktail (or almost!)

Choosing local ingredients is much more than encouraging the economy here and promoting the environment. Indeed, it is also about choosing fresh, quality products made with the creativity of artisans who put their hearts into it. So, it allows us to discover a thousand and one flavors that surround us and helps bring culinary traditions to life.

In this recipe, the lime is the only intruder in the ingredients of this recipe, because it allows to bring its unconditional refreshing side and to add a tangy touch. So, everything else comes from Quebec soil!


To get the Aronia & alder infusion, click here.

Enjoy your tasting!


Over here to taste!


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