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Article: When infusion and sport are one

Quand infusion et sport ne font qu’un

When infusion and sport are one

A simple, but effective solution

What if sport and infusion were one?

Supplements are very popular with sports enthusiasts. Whether in powder, bottle or "shake" the goal often remains the same, to provide the body with what it needs to perform well. The desired effects are also different, some are designed to prepare for physical activity. Others to support on the spot or to recover better after training. A thousand and one solutions exist and it can be difficult to navigate, so today we are exploring a very accessible natural solution: infusion.

Considering the many benefits of Labrador tea, PilKi has created a particularly useful infusion for all people with an active lifestyle. The Beet & Poppy infusion can be consumed before or after physical activity, having two different main functions. With its six ingredients, it acts in several ways in our

Randonnée et infusion

The importance of beets in sports

This vegetable, popular for its health benefits, contains proteins, carbohydrates and many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is also loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C. These help lower cholesterol, relieve arthritis, boost brain function and promote vision. They also play an essential role in the production of energy and also participate in the transmission of nerve impulses.

This root contains a lot of betaines, an amino acid that improves cell regeneration and helps in the metabolism of fatty acids. It promotes concentration, digestion and reduces bloating. It also helps cells retain their water quantity and helps the body recover after a workout. Indeed, it greatly helps in muscle reconstruction and the reduction of pain caused by lactic acid. It's no surprise that beets are used so much in diets and natural juices!

Betterave sport

The precious effects of Labrador tea

It is less and less rare to see someone brewing Labrador tea after a long bike ride. Several studies have demonstrated the noticeable anti-inflammatory effects of this herb, which is very helpful for muscle tissue recovery and general well-being.

The leaves are known to reduce headaches, provide pain relievers, fight colds and reduce the effects of asthma. They are also tonic, which improves general health, promotes blood purification and reduces sweating. You can therefore give your all in your sport by fearing less “post workout” consequences.  

The trio: horsetail, ash and savory

Horsetail tea also contains various minerals and helps repair tissue damage, in addition to increasing strength and elasticity. It is very astringent, which contracts body tissue and reduces bleeding if injured. This herb relieves pain and is antiseptic, which against infections. Like horsetail, ash is astringent and also helps reduce sweating. It is often used to achieve a tea-like flavor. In addition to being a flavoring, savory works particularly on the digestive system by aiding digestion and is beneficial for the stomach. It is sometimes used to treat nausea, a sore throat, bronchial congestion and menstrual problems. In short, quite versatile assets, just like your training!

Tisane sport

The poppy: much more than a petal

Unlike the opium poppy, a flower of the same family, this one has no narcotic effect. Its sedative effect helps relax muscles and fights both anxiety and restlessness. Used for centuries as a mild pain reliever and against coughs, it also helps fight insomnia. The infusion of this natural emollient helps clear the bronchi, which is very useful for getting good breathing while playing sports. In short, to optimize physical capacities, the infusion should be drunk before physical activity. For the regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, it is best to drink it after training, when the time comes to recover. Take care of yourself and always continue to surpass yourself!

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