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Article: Cocoa shell: a meeting between boreal flavors and the circular economy

Écale de cacao  : une rencontre entre les saveurs boréales et l'économie circulaire

Cocoa shell: a meeting between boreal flavors and the circular economy

At Floèm, our passion is to help you discover the richness of boreal products while innovating. It is in this spirit that we have expanded our range with a new herbal tea with sweet and fruity notes: Balsam Fir & Cocoa herbal tea. This unique infusion features the perfect marriage between two exceptional ingredients: cocoa bark roasted by the Qantù company and balsam fir from Quebec .

Bulk cocoa shell

Circular economy: reducing our environmental impact

Responsible use of resources and reducing our environmental impact are fundamental values ​​at Floèm. This is why we chose to collaborate with Qantù, a Montreal company that promotes the circular economy.

Local and sustainable sourcing

In fact, we collect the cocoa bean hulls roasted by Qantù by bike, waste that would otherwise be thrown away. This raw material, rich in flavor, gives a unique dimension to our herbal tea and allows us to reduce our ecological footprint.

Cocoa shell on ceramic

A residue transformed into a taste treasure

Cocoa hull, although considered a residue, is a surprising ingredient. Once infused, it reveals a rich and complex flavor that pairs perfectly with the fresh and resinous notes of balsam fir.

Qantù: a passion for Peruvian cocoa

The story of Qantù was born from the meeting of a Quebecer and a Peruvian, united by their passion for cocoa. After a visit to a cocoa plantation in Peru, they decided to introduce the world to the richness of this noble product. This is how, in 2017, they opened their chocolate factory in Montreal.

Exceptional products recognized internationally

Qantù quickly became a benchmark for quality chocolate. The company has received numerous international awards, including two gold medals and a silver medal at the Academy of Chocolate competition in London in 2017.

The secret of Qantù: unique know-how and meticulous selection

The secret of Qantù lies in its unique know-how and its meticulous selection of organic cocoa beans. Every year, the company's founders travel to Peru to select the best beans and taste each cocoa pocket. This particular attention to detail guarantees premium chocolate and exceptional quality shells.

The benefits of cocoa: an ally for health

Cocoa shell not only stands out for its delicious taste, it is also an ingredient rich in health benefits. In addition to its chocolate taste, it is a source of vitamin D, copper, iron and antioxidants, which makes it a great ally for maintaining good health.

An invitation to a taste journey

Choosing to partner with Qantù was obvious for Floèm. This collaboration allowed us to create a unique herbal tea that highlights boreal and tropical flavors.

Balsam Fir & Cocoa

Let yourself be transported by the comforting warmth of cocoa and the serenity of our boreal forests. Treat yourself to an unforgettable taste experience with our new Balsam Fir & Cocoa herbal tea.

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