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Article: What is a boreal infusion?

Qu’est-ce qu’une infusion boréale?

What is a boreal infusion?

In the heart of the Canadian northern forest lies unique and astonishing flora. Little known, it is nevertheless of inestimable and precious wealth. At Floèm, we use plants from this unique forest to create our boreal infusions.

What is the boreal forest?

The Canadian boreal forest is located in the boreal zone which extends from east to west, between the treeless tundra of the arctic zone in the north of the country and the temperate zone in the south of the country.

Much of Canada's boreal zone is covered in forests made up of cold-tolerant trees, but also lakes, rivers and wetlands.

This area covers 11% of the land mass, making it the largest and most intact biome on Earth.

It has a unique ecosystem due to its atypical climate characterized by very cold winters (on average -54°C) and hot summers (21°C or less).

Boreal plants: resilient and incomparable

With extreme temperatures and fairly poor soil, one might think that the boreal flora is little varied, or even non-existent. However, the boreal forest is full of numerous plants that survive this hostile climate. For example, some plants have shallow root systems. To grow, their roots can come into contact with mycorrhizal fungi to extract maximum nutrients from the soil.

Also, some plants take advantage of the limited sunlight during the boreal summer with large, pigmented leaves to enable more efficient photosynthesis. With these ingenious mechanisms, we can find plants that only exist in our northern forests.

The native conifers present in this forest contain medicinal benefits used for several years by the First Nations. Their in-depth knowledge of plants and their uses, passed down from generation to generation, constitutes a precious treasure that enriches our understanding of this forest.

Discover our selection of boreal plants

The runners of the woods

The picking of our boreal plants takes place in a wild natural environment, far from the population. It is regulated to ensure its sustainability, despite its omnipresence. We base the harvest, among other things, on two important aspects that influence the success and sustainability of this practice: the picking area and the harvesting techniques used.

Also, our sourcing code of ethics takes selective picking into account: we take great care not to market any vulnerable, threatened or threatened flora species. Only ingredients present in abundance are chosen, in order to guarantee respect for the resources of our forests.

These actions allow us to play an active role in preserving this precious forest while making its flavors accessible and allowing us to discover its uniqueness through careful picking. To go into more detail, here is our complete article on the subject: Is responsible picking possible?

What flavors do our boreal herbal teas have?

Imagine a hot drink that transports you to the heart of a snowy forest. A boreal infusion is an invitation to a unique taste journey, where fresh and resinous, slightly sweet or spicy flavors mingle with:

  • Invigorating freshness: feel the bite of the invigorating winter wind, with minty and camphor notes that invigorate you.
  • Woody sweetness: let yourself be enveloped by warm and comforting aromas, such as balsam fir and larch, which evoke the smell of freshly cut wood.
  • Unusual spices: perceive the mystery of wild spices, with peppery, undergrowth and slightly bitter touches that tickle your taste buds.
  • Subtle sugar: enjoy the delicacy of a light natural sweetness which softens the whole and offers you a moment of pure indulgence.

Infusions that promote relaxation

Discovering our boreal infusions means entering the fascinating world of the north and the great outdoors: a relaxing space, respectful of traditions and the preservation of nature.

It is also a journey to the unique flavors and captivating scents of the boreal forest. Each cup transports you to a world of relaxation and serenity.

Want to experience the benefits of Nordic relaxation? Our infusions and aromatics offer you an ideal introduction to this soothing universe.

Our sets offer you:

  • a selection of natural products for a moment of authentic relaxation,
  • woody and relaxing scents to soothe your mind and body,
  • sweet and spicy flavors that will transport you to the heart of the Nordic landscapes.

Whether you are looking for a pleasant moment of relaxation or a simple discovery of northern pleasures, the plants of the boreal forest will satisfy you.

These flavors are new and you don't know where to start? We created the discovery set to introduce your palate!

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Je ne peux m’empêcher de faire le rapprochement entre vos tisanes boréales et les plantes médicinales de notre 🏝️ île.“cueillette responsable”cela doit être le leitmotiv !Si on veut pérenniser ces trésors que mère nature nous offre.Le bonjour de l’île de la Réunion à tous les membres de Floem!


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