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Creeping Dogwood


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Nathalie G.

"No added sugar, well balanced and delicious!"

Vanessa C.

"Fresh, tasty, delicious, surprising in the mixes and flavors but oh so comforting!"

What is Creeping Dogwood?

The creeping dogwood, also known as the dwarf cornel, Canadian bunchberry, Quatre-temps or crackerberry, is a very common plant in the coniferous forests of Quebec. This perennial, native to North America, produces pretty, creamy-white little flowers. Its berries are edible and appreciated when used in pies, puddings, jams or simply eaten raw. It is possible to use the plant as an infusion, and some smoke the leaves like tobacco.

What does creeping dogwood taste like?

Its aromas are very subtle, but pleasant. There are herbaceous notes and a slight tingling in the throat. This herb combines well with other herbs to add extra complexity to an infusion blend.

Its natural environment

The creeping dogwood is an excellent, dense ground cover, a beautiful dark green and easy to grow provided there is humidity. Indeed, it tolerates almost all types of soil, acidic and neutral, grows in full sun or shade and is not sensitive to frost.

Its flowers bloom in early summer until late in fall. There is no need to worry about having male or female plants to obtain fruit, the species is hermaphrodite (organs of both sexes on the same plant).


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Quatre-temps sur fond blanc
Creeping Dogwood Sale price$7.00 Regular price$10.00

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Pousse de sapin baumier en bourgeon dans la nature


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