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Cadeau origine avec son contenu autour de lui.

Origin Gift

Hawthorn & Lavender

Hawthorn & Lavender

Sac de feuilles de thé des bois


Sac tisane Myrique & échinacée

Sweetgale & Echinacea

Rose & Chamomile

Rose & Chamomile

Sac tisane Églantier & pimbina

Rosehip & Highbush Cranberry

Sac pousses de sapin baumier

Balsam Fir

Sac poivre des dunes

Green Alder

Main qui tient un infuseur au dessus d'une tasse.

Herbal Tea Infuser

Fleur de thé du labrador en vrac

Labrador Tea Flowers And Leaves

Rosehip & Highbush Cranberry


Sale price$14.00

Nathalie G.

"No added sugar, well balanced and delicious!"

Vanessa C.

"Fresh, tasty, delicious, surprising in the mixes and flavors but oh so comforting!"

Savor the present moment with this rosehip & pimbina Labrador tea infusion. This expressive blend has a velvety taste that lies between sweet and tart, with aromas of field herbs. The pimbina is a small red berry growing in trees in the wild, which is part of the cranberry family. As for the rosehip, the tasty fruit of the rose, it counterbalances by bringing fruity notes, which balances everything perfectly.

Curiously, we find these same components in India Pale Ale beer. Even people who are not usually herbal tea fans are surprised to love its extraordinary taste! Maybe it's due to a reminder of the acidity of citrus fruits and its woody side, being flavors in common?

Either way, this infusion is a well-detailed portrait of local flavors that knows how to bring forgotten ingredients back to life.

Dux Winner

Caffeine free

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Sac tisane Églantier & pimbina
Rosehip & Highbush Cranberry Sale price$14.00

100% Naturel •

Sans caféine •

Récoltés à la main au Québec •

Guess what?

Our blends are:

  • 100% natural
  • No added flavors
  • Without sugar
  • vegan
  • ketogenic
  • Organic/wild-harvested
  • Gluten free
  • Without theine / caffeine
Pousse de sapin baumier en bourgeon dans la nature


Raw and precious

Rare ingredients from our northern forests.

Our promise

Hand-picked ingredients from the boreal forest

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pauline Croteau

Very good products, fresh and tasty!

Thank you Pauline for taking the time to write a review. We greatly appreciate it!

Francine Lavallee

Very good service and very good herbal tea, I recommend

We are happy to hear that you like our services, it is very important to us! :)

Anthony Belley

Great products!! A local and eco-responsible company too!

Thank you for taking the time to comment, we think it's great that you like our Labrador tea mixes!

Manuel Malenfant Corriveau

Beautiful eco-responsible Quebec company with good local products. My favorite flavor is "Rose Rose & Pimbina". :)

It's very nice, reviving forgotten flavors of Quebec like pimbina is an important mission for PilKi. We are glad you like its taste!