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Article: Treat Type 2 Diabetes With Labrador Tea?

Plant de thé du Labrador vu de proche dans la forêt.

Treat Type 2 Diabetes With Labrador Tea?

Labrador tea is a plant that grows in the boreal forest of Quebec and which has enormous benefits. Present in our boreal forests, Labrador tea is known and appreciated by the First Nations and Inuit of Quebec for its effects on type 2 diabetes. Labrador tea has been used by them for several centuries for its healing properties.  

The diseases or health problems that Labrador tea can treat are endless! For example, its leaves release active substances that help fight skin infections, cold, and flu or any respiratory problems, as well as diabetes. Indeed, it is proven that people who suffer from type 2 diabetes can feel better thanks to Labrador tea. 

A promising experience

Considered to be as effective as some medications, Labrador tea and black spruce cones are believed to help control blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Indeed, according to an animal experiment. by a master’s student in pharmacology at the University of Montreal, Labrador tea and black spruce would decrease glucose absorption by about 50 %. They would be the plants most able to regulate the transport of sugar in the intestinal walls.

Please note that this experiment has not been tested on humans, but the results are promising and encouraging. In order to confirm the effects of Labrador tea in humans, it will be necessary to conduct clinical tests to verify the effectiveness of extracts from the plant as well as its concentration. Nevertheless, this herb has been found to be beneficial when consumed with other foods in order to better control the absorption of sugar. 

A healthy alternative to plain water

When we have diabetes, constantly checking your blood sugar and swallowing medicine can be annoying, but essential! One solution offered by Floèm is the consumption of herbal teas made from Labrador tea to prevent minor injuries on a daily basis. Hypoglycemic, calming, digestive and diuretic, Labrador tea infusions have multiple virtues and always act gently, without side effects.

Miracle and natural solution, herbal teas are very low in calories and low in sugar. No need to indulge in juices that contain astronomical amounts of sugar or drink plain water. With Labrador tea herbal teas, the puzzle of whether a drink is suitable for a person with diabetes is over. Just heat some water, add the mixture and let it steep for about ten minutes and you’re done. You get a healthy and divine drink.

Labrador tea infusions are therefore the best of both worlds if you want to drink something that is both healthy and delicious on the palate. Herbal remedies are more and more common, so quick fixes are sometimes within reach. 


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Je suis Aux États Unis Comment je pouvais le thé de labrador

Jean Damas

Comment puis-je me procurer cette plante medicinale ( thé de labrador) ?

Mohamed Omar

Je suis de Québec et j’aimerais savoir où je peux me procurer le thé du labrador Pilki.
J’ai fait quelques téléphones dans les commerces de produits naturels, mais sans succès.
Merci de me référer les commerces où je peux trouver le produit. Carole Powers

Carole Powers

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