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PilKi Becomes Floèm

Discover the new chapter of our brand: PilKi becomes Floèm. Inspired by the poetic beauty of boreal flora, we continue our journey with you under a name that celebrates our heritage and our future. This transition marks a step forward in our mission to share the richness and elegance of boreal aromatics.

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PilKi product

Floèm product

The Meaning of Floèm

Floèm, a fusion of the words "flora" and "poem", embodies our commitment to the naturalness and poetry of our environment. Using French terms to define our brand underlines our pride and our desire to promote the natural beauty of Quebec. The term "phloem", a botanical reference, symbolizes our deep connection with plant life and our passion for flora.



Our ingredients and herbs grow freely under a boreal sky. They dot the wild territories and inspire the naturalness of the great outdoors.

Our Vision and Our Values

By adopting the name Floèm, we reinforce our devotion to offering you infusions that are an ode to the boreal flora. Every sip of our products is a celebration of nature, full of flavors and history. With this new name, we invite you to explore the nuances of our land and share our passion for sustainable and respectful innovation.